Ë-DIGITAL - Who We Are

The History Behind Our
International Digital Company

2020 has been a year of change, challenge,transformation a year to put our abilities to test including our creativity.

After all the pandemic we decided to look and see life from a different perspective taking risks but allowing ourselves to feel free in our thinking, creation and ideas. In order to achieve that we needed to be ourselves wildly and spontaneously. Life is too short lets enyoy it!

That is how we came up with this idea Ë-DIGITAL.
A place where your imagination can fly and anyone better to speak their truth with no apologies. BE WHAT YOU MEANT TO BE and DO WHAT YOU FEEL YOU HAVE TO DO.

We enjoy celebrations and being in the moment for any occasion. Ëlabba events is our conscious, mature and adult side of the business and Ëlabba DIGITAL our unconscious, joyful, childish side of it.

I hope that you enjoy it and the most important HAVE FUN. Don’t take life too serious.

IF you have any shows in any language that represent your own unique style and essence and you are looking to get it promoted get in touch and we will see how we can help.